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Our Best Server Features

Not searching for a specific feature? Just want get a nice Overview? Go to our Server Presentation!

750x EXP
100x Penya
100x Drop

Every job can make the enemies bleeding. Go and fight with incredible skills.

Every account is saved in your login screen after the first login. You do not need to change account. That makes fast Account Switch possible.

You decide how you want your Inventory. Big - wide - small. You decide.
Annoyed from searching items? We have the new search bar!

Wanna farm a little bit longer at a place? Use our /noexp Command

You pet levels with you. Every kill is EXP for your pet.

If you have more than 100% Critrate, the additional Critrate will be calculated as Crit-Damage.
Furtheremore 10% Hitrate will reduce the enemies blockrate by 1% in pvp and 2% in pve.

You can stack every items on our server.
Did we miss something? Please contact us.

Every 6 hours a world boss appears. Kill him fast for great rewards.

Only 2 Players are required for full link damage for the whole party. The leader gets and extra bonus depending on the party level.

If anybody do something great, all players get rewarded with world buffs.

Keenwheel and Pandemonium are AoE Skills now.

Our extended Petfilter has two parts:
The first part is under the Hotkey 'u'. You can select Item classes and kinds predefined by us.

The second part is included in our Itemlist:
with a right click on an item you can color it yellow or red. A yellow colored item will always be collected. A red colored item will never be collected.

Sell your Items without beeing online.

Sell or buy everything you need at our Marketplace.

Sold the wrong item? No Problem, get it back.

Make your weapon unique.

Every Weapon has an Varity Factor which increases or decreases the effects.

Use /buff to get all Assist and self-buffs directly.

In a fight? No time for clicking? Use /follow!

You can open our new Awake Window via /awake to easily awake you items.

Every 2 hours the night comes. What happens there?

We have a new unique Profession System.

Base Jobs:
  • Farmer
  • Trader
  • Woodcutter
  • Miner
Advanced Jobs:
  • Cook
  • Pettrainer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Smith
  • Worker
  • Alchemist
  • Broker
Expert Jobs:
  • Armorer
  • Jeweler

Job Hierachy:

Every Season have a changing Environment, Shops, Drops and a lot more. Season Level will be resettet too.
Per Season level you will get 1% more droprate and 1% penya drop.

We improve allways our textures and exchange them with HD textures. Here are a few impressions:

You can see every effects, chances etc. ingame. We show you everything you need directly ingame.

New Couple Skills. Couple up to lv. 30.

New Giants!

  • Partyfinder: SHIFT + P
  • Itemlist: SHIFT + I
  • Monsterlist: SHIFT + M
  • Ftool: SHIFT + F

Craft Material whereever you want

We have a complete working v19 Theme

We have a lot of new dances:

No Lord is needed, use our Anarchy System!

We have a lot of new Dungeons. Some are for Solo Farming, some are for Friend and for Teams. You just need to be in time!
Furtheremore you can see the Monsters you need to kill. Entries are per Day, not with cooldown.

Every Giant can drop himself as baby pet.

Every class has the ability to be a damage dealer, an AoE-Farmer or a Tank
Choose your way of playing