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Patchnotes 20th of March 2023

  • For EXP Calculation Partys are allways full now
  • Balancing Updates
    • Psy Dmg scaling curve changed
    • Ele Dmg scaling curve changed
    • BP Asmodeos Buff changed
    • Bp Knuckle effects changed
    • BP AoE Skill changed
    • Knight AoE Skill changed
  • Beginner Set is +3 now (already online)
  • EXP calculation changed (lv. 170+)
  • Leecher EXP increased
  • Text fixes
  • Force Gem and magic book with no stats added to level up gifts for lvl 130
  • Spring Island Penya increased
  • Spring Island Monster changed to S5 - S95
  • Spring Island Ticket added to Level up gifts for lvl 170
  • Legendary Golden Weapons Droprate increased
  • Lvl 105 Set droprate increased
  • Penya buff fixed
  • Monster DMG by lv dif fixed
  • Inventory order improved
  • Revival Positions fixed
  • fast jewels with baruna items fixed
  • CS Set Added to vote shop
  • Soul leeching from all diamonds reduced
  • ygg Dungeon bosses hp increased by 10%~
  • Pain Reflect dmg reduced on all bosses
  • World boss pain reflect removed and new skills added

2023-03-20 08:41