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Patchnotes 14th of April 2023

  • All Dungeons S1+ Profession Material Droprate increased and Amount changed from 1
  • 10 Items to 5
  • 25 Items
  • All Dungeons S1+ Profession Material Drop Changed to categories (Means before you had a chance to Drop 1
  • 3 Different Material now you can get up to 10 Different Materials!)
  • All Kintaro and Spring Island Bosses drop now more Profession Items!
  • Recycle Ultimate Items give now x3 Profession Items, dias & Gems!
  • Spring Island Spawns increased by 50%
  • Vote for Victory Buff time increased to 4h!
  • Ultimate set effects fixed
  • Removed useless items from topbar (party scrolls, pets, premium)
  • Tickets fixed
  • Spring Island Monster Hp reduced by 30
  • 50%
  • Four Lanes Mid bosses Droprate for profession and Baruna Items increased!
  • Daily Dungeon Thursday Droprate for 10% Card Pieces increased!
  • ArenaTop100 votepoint fix (you can now vote here too and get votepoints already online)
  • Profession Sets Transy fix
  • Name Change added to Kintaro Cash Shop

2023-04-14 09:53