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Patchnotes 2nd of May 2023

  • SHIFT + S added for season window
  • Z Bow Modelchange fixed
  • Egg Power ups are stackable now
  • Vote buff is stackable now
  • Baruna Profession items invi slot moved
  • Fixed some crashs with endless upgrade
  • Bunnie NPC removed
  • Snow & Rain Drop Event added
  • Drop Power Up boxes while rain or snow is active!
  • new pets and models added for future update
  • Power Ups added to the Red Chip Shop (Wafor)!
  • Trader exchange for Summon NPC scroll changed
  • Four Lanes Boss Crazy Bull can now Summon small Monsters to help him fight!
  • Egg Exchange added to Makeup Artist (Leftover Exchange)
  • Dungeon book rewards added
  • Event Sale removed

2023-05-02 14:50