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Patchnotes 20th of June 2023

  • Message added to NoExp command if money is not enough
  • Baruna Upgrade Scrolls added to World Boss Box
  • Baruna Upgrade Scrolls added to Coloseum Exchange
  • Baruna Upgrade Scrolls can be dropped from Dungeons S30+ (Normal and King Mode)
  • Baruna Upgrade Scrolls added to Daily Dungeon Boss Friday (Normal and King Mode)
  • World Boss Box Item amount increased Example: Augmentation Awake Scroll 10 > 20
  • Kintaro Fire World map increased (bigger area and more monsters)
  • Summer Event NPC added to Flaris (Event starts 01.07.2023) more informations soon!
  • Neuz Error Log improved (if you have crashes please send us the Neuz error.log)

2023-07-01 11:34