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  1. These rules have been set with the agreement of the server management. Occasional changes are immediately valid and obligatory for all players.
  2. The player is obliged to inform himself regularly about the actuality of the rules. Accordingly, a player can be punished for a violation even if he/she is unaware of a rule.
  3. By registering an account on this server, the player automatically accepts all current and, to a limited extent, all future rules.
  4. The player is therefore required to behave according to the rules on the one hand and to report any rule violations on the other hand.


  1. We basically strive for a peaceful and respectful community. This means that we want to avoid punishments as far as possible and that they will only be applied as a last possible step.
  2. The punishments we impose on individual players or groups of players are always justified and adapted to the severity of the rule violation.
  3. Possible punishments are: Temporary/permanent chat deactivation, game ejection, temporary/permanent game exclusion.
  4. During the penalty, all claim to the account and automatically everything related to it will be forfeited.

Account ownership

  1. All accounts and their entire contents are the property of the server.
  2. Due to this fact, we reserve the right to temporarily take over a user's account in case of justified suspicion of a rule violation and to check it regarding the suspicion.


  1. We want a friendly, social interaction between the players on our server.
  2. It is therefore not allowed to harass, denounce, expose, threaten psychological/physical violence or similar - regardless of whether via in-game chat, in the forum or in various VoIP services.
  3. Sharing/posting of images, videos or links for pages with pornographic, violent/cruel or harmful content within the social channels managed by King-Of-Kintaro (in-game, Discord server, Twitter, Facebook Page, forum, etc.) is prohibited.
  4. Sharing personal data (names, address, pictures, etc.) of other users on King-Of-Kintaro platforms is also prohibited.
  5. Any spam is to be refrained from.

Item refund

  1. In principle, no items will be refunded if the player is to blame for their loss. This means that no items will be refunded in the following cases:
    • Fraud through trade/exchange and the like
    • Item accidentally deleted/(sold at the wrong price)
    • Missing scrolls (e.g. Scroll of SProtect) led to the destruction of the item
    • A wrong item was recycled
    • A wrong item was used in a combination system
    • Loss due to ingame mail
    • Item was in the guild storage
    • Compromised account
  2. Furthermore, we are not liable for problems with the server that did not occur through our own fault. This concerns:
    • Rollbacks/server crashes
    • (Connection) problems caused by providers

Team members

  1. Especially towards team members a polite, objective and above all honest behavior is appropriate, so that you can be helped quickly.
  2. Furthermore, we reserve the right to punish derogatory behavior towards the server management and how they run the project with bans.
  3. Never pretend to be a team member when you are not.
  4. Do not take personal advantage of help you offer by pretending to know a team member.
  5. Do not bother a team member with item and/or penya requests; simply asking for them may be punished.

In-game cheating

  1. The player is obliged to check every exchange and/or trade he makes with another player in advance. If the trading partner commits fraud, this is due to his own carelessness and therefore at his own risk - after all, these are your items, so regular trading is the responsibility of the players.
  2. According to the above article, there will be no refunds in such a case of fraud.
  3. In order to avoid possible false purchases or fraud attempts, shops/vendors with not immediately obvious (false) offers can be closed by team members at any time. If the vendor is closed, there will be no refund of vendor time.
  4. However, if we determine that the cheating is a repeated offense on the part of a player, we will punish this with bans (and reverse the exchange).

Account sharing

  1. You can share your account with other players at your own risk.
  2. If your account is damaged by a fellow user, we will not refund the loss. This applies to both items and donation points.

Sale of donation points, items and accounts

  1. It is forbidden to sell or exchange an account, items, donation points or other virtual goods to a third person. The latter point includes all other services that are not related to real money.
  2. It is forbidden to offer your account or items as barter/sale in forums or ingame, even the attempt can bring consequences.
  3. Real money may not be traded ingame. This includes payment methods such as credit cards, e.g. PaySafeCard and uKash.

Bug/exploit use, third party programs, duping

  1. Bugs should be reported as soon as they are discovered, either to a team member, in the forum or via the ticket system.
  2. The use of bugs is strictly prohibited, as is the use of exploits or automation mechanisms.
  3. Programs and tools that provide an illegal advantage are also not allowed - the exception is the so-called "F-Tool" to a certain extent. Unlawful advantages include, among others, the so-called "AFK farming/leveling".
  4. Duping (duplicating items due to errors in the game) is also prohibited.

Other prohibitions

  1. It is forbidden to circumvent exclusion from the game by creating a new account. If this is discovered, the newly created account will also be excluded from the game. In case of repeated offenses, the IP address may also be banned.
  2. The misuse of Guild Wars (also known as Guild Siege) to collect currency is prohibited. This rule does not include unlocking the participant & winner rewards.
  3. Misuse of the PvP Rumbles to collect currencies e.g. by creating dummy characters to kill them is also prohibited.
  4. Third party advertising for other servers of any kind is forbidden, no matter if ingame, our Discord (private as well as public chats) or other channels.
  5. Multiple voting on GTop100.com is allowed per person maximum three times a day. If more votes come in, there will be bans in the voting system. In case of multiple offenses and ignoring this rule, the accounts will be excluded from the game.