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Video Event

2023-12-05 13:20

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Patchnotes 3rd December 2023

  • Removed some 1hit skills in dungeons
  • Refresher, FP Drink and some other items stack size increased to 9999
  • Magic 3% Cards fixed
  • Profession Crafting x10 / x100 exp fixed
  • Wings Animation fix
  • Inventory Tab Quest renamed to Quest/Card

2023-12-04 09:17

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Patchnotes 2nd December 2023

  • Text bug with Cards fixed
  • Community Buff fixed
  • Tramnuk Skills updated
  • Anarchy Chips renamed to Coins

2023-12-02 11:07

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Wipe & New Start at 1st December 23

We would like to invite you to start the Winter at King of Kintaro! Server Opens 1st December 12pm Servertime! New Content:

  • Wardrobe System added: You can put items into your wardrobe and use it as model as many times as you want
  • Guild Finder added: You can search for guilds and request an invitation
  • Farm Stats ingamed added: You can start counting your drops over time
  • PvP Minigames added: Uno, Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect Four
  • New piercing card added with magic dmg rate
  • Solo Party added: you can be alone in a party for farming
  • Monster skills added: Crazy new Monster skills added, try to kill them!
  • All weapons have 2 versions now (HP/DMG) (w/o 1h knight sword, book, forcegem and shield) so you can choose your way of playing the class
  • New Crafting Bench added, no recipes required anymore, craft your material whenever, wherevery you want! (hotkey shift + r)
  • New shields added from 60+
  • Wounderfull Winter Season Farmmap added
  • Achievement System added ingame
  • Skill Books removed, all skills are max by default
  • CS set costs adjusted, buy your favourite CS Set!
  • CS pet costs reduced
  • beginner pet changed to random pet
  • new cs sets and cloaks added ingame
  • Kintaro map updated (changed some spawns and added new wood, crystals (stone) and plants (coral) )
  • Kintaro Ice World Spawns Increased
  • crystal labyrinth new path added to get faster to the teleporter
  • crystal labyrinth changed you only have to kill 1 midboss now
  • crystal labyrinth 2 midbosses removed for a smoother run
  • recycling: weapons, sets and jewelery diamond output increased
  • recycling menu added to CS Pets
  • dropchance for diamonds from bosses increased
  • npc weapon 130-170 changed to lvl 120
  • Drop Scroll Low, High removed from donate shop, treasures and exchangers. (ingame)
  • Q Amplification Scrolls (200% EXP 5 times Stackable) changed to R Amplification Scrolls (100% EXP 5 times Stackable) so we can balance the EXP Rate better.
  • lvl 15 Level up Gifts increased
  • different world event can be at the same time now
  • Bloody-Yggdrasill 4 set effects changed from hp > dmg and dmg > hp (sets mixed)
  • Some Recipes Changed (Coal, Coal briquettes needed reduced but wood needed for coal and coal briquettes increased a bit to balance the prices)
  • Trader got all farmable Materials now for sale! (Price is going up if you buy some and going down if you sell the item) Example: Wood start Price is 100.000 Penya and Max Price is 1.000.000 Penya (x10) if you buy more when the Max price is reached (x11) the Item got invisible in the Trader and you cant buy it anymore till someone is selling some wood to decrease the Price. The Selling Price for Profession Materials is /10 means you get 10.000 Penya for one Wood when the price is at 100.000 Penya. (1.000.000 Penya the selling Price is 100.000 Penya) You can lower the price with a less amount of items.
  • The Entrepreneur is now selling crafted items like Gold Ingot, Steel Ingot and Copper Ingot.
  • profession items added to trader
  • You can sell all Materials now.
  • Yummy Food increases your Droprate now too.
  • Alchemist Potions increases your Droprate now
  • Blade weapons changed
  • BP weapons changed
  • Psykeeper & Elementor balance changed
  • start menu sorted
  • search bar added to cash shop
  • Minimap Dryad fixed
  • modelled crossbox sfx fixed
  • fused crossbow sfx fixed
  • animated hats in invi view fixed
  • animated hats in model view fixed
  • varity scroll on non varity items fixed
  • text errors fixed
  • missing textures fixed
  • animated wings in model view fixed
  • pet loot fixed
  • clientcrash by collecting with anarchy buffs fixed
  • Alchemy window fixed
  • Secret Room fixed
  • Marketplace fixed
  • Varity works now on Weapon Version´s too

2023-11-23 13:01

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Wipe & New Start at 1st December 23

Dear King of Kintaro community,
We would like to thank you for your support, help, discussions to remove the bugs KoK had. And we want to thank you for being loyal to KoK.
Our start was a bit bumpy, some bugs crept in, some mistakes were made, but we did our best to give you a great gaming experience. We talked to many of you for a long time, discussed with the team and played through all the scenarios.
The result of these discussions and our poll was that most of you feel that the future of the server is only possible with a wipe. We agree, we also see that a wipe is the best way to go because it gives us a chance to win back some of the players we lost. It also gives us a chance to adjust some things that cannot be changed without a wipe. Some examples of this are set effects, drop rates, dungeon difficulty, etc.
As you have seen in our dev-news in discord, we are working on a lot of new features that we want to add to the game.
The timeline is that we want the new start with the winter season on December 1st, 2023.
We will restore the donation points automatically. The accounts will remain, only the characters will be deleted.
Until then, we will gradually introduce our changes into the game. You are welcome to test them. In the meantime, we will increase the EXP rates so that you can have fun in the game without too much effort and enjoy all the content. If you are really interested in testing all these systems, you can write us for a test server access with GM rights. Players who are active during the rebuilding phase and help us to make KoK perfect will receive a thank you gift after the rebuilding phase.

What do we want to change? This is not an exhaustive list, we would love to hear your suggestions and discuss them with you.

  • Early game balancing (i.e. Blade, Psy, Ele, BP)
  • Balancing of the equip costs
  • Mixed set effects
  • Dungeon Runtimes and counts
  • Smother gameplay
  • Random CS Pet at beginning
  • Dungeon Hardness
New Content:
  • New Piercing cards with magic dmg rate
  • New Shields added to smiths
  • New Models, Animated Hat, Masks etc. as part of the Season Rewards and achievements.
New Systems:
  • PvP Minigames
    • Uno
    • Tic-Tac-Toe
    • Connect Four
  • Farm Stats System that you can track you drops
  • New Boss mechanics, for better and more exciting boss fights.
    • Bosses will gain new abilities such as raining gifts in random circles, throwing bombs, or calling helpers to protect them until they die. Screenshots are in our dev-news in discord
  • Wardrop System for reusing Models
  • Guild Finder
  • New Guild Colors with 16.777.215 possible colors
  • Achievment system for getting a smoth gameplay, earn rewards, get permissions to start dungeons
  • Community Buff
  • Party Assist System

And much more!

2023-08-24 15:16

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Patchnotes 10th August 2023

  • Wardrobe cannot add items from different sex
  • Catcher problem fixed
  • New Patcher with better performance

2023-08-10 11:09

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Patchnotes 17th of July 2023

  • Catcher despawn fixed
  • Z Neclace icon fixed
  • Dead Catcher problem fixed
  • Wardrobe System added
  • Mount at dior exchanged

2023-07-17 12:14

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Patchnotes 13th of July 2023

  • Custom Buff rendering improved
  • Translations improved
  • View range doubled
  • Lvl 120 NPC Weapons drop now from lvl 120 - 170
  • Quillin Mount added to Station
  • New CS, Mounts and Pets added

2023-07-13 10:43

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Patchnotes 7th of July 2023

  • Big Map added for Summer Farm Map
  • Petfilter hides drops on the ground
  • Petfilter default by new chars changed to all activated
  • Beginner Items changed
  • Options for Extended Power ups fixed
  • EXP display on higher seasonlevels in skillbar fixed
  • EXP during level down with season levels fixed
  • MAX Sfx increased
  • Display text 'Price' removed from kchips
  • Chip price for brokerage items fixed
  • Seasonlevel Effects added to a special buff
  • Community Buff added
  • New Guild Furniture added which reduces the required amount of online players for guild buffs (exchanger at guild house manager)
  • New CS added to Jeff

2023-07-07 10:29

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King of Kintaro It´s to Hot Summer Event!

01.07.2023 - 01.08.2023

EXP, Penya & Droprate increased by 30%!

Search for Syrup, Peach Leaf and Its to hot Boxes. They can be found from Monsters or in the Collector Field!
Stay Online and get every Hour a Summer Event Token to trade them for Items!

Trade Syrup and Peach Leaf for great Items like Summer Star Candy Power Up or new Cloaks!

You can get many Beachwear CS Sets out of the Its to Hot Box!

Level Up Gifts on lvl 120M:

  • Goldbattery
  • Premium Scroll 14 Days
  • Offline Vendor Scroll 48h for 28 Days
  • Offline Vendor Skin
  • 5x Scroll of Amplification Q
  • Cookie Trail 7 Days
Dont miss the Special Summer Deal!

2023-07-01 11:42

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