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Patchnotes 10th February 2023

  • Recipe for the Unbind Scroll fix
  • Varity for Sets added! (takes the average of all setparts)
  • All Setparts get a random varity! (You can change the varity with the Scroll of Varity)
  • Droprate for NPC Weapons Lvl 130
  • 170 increased by x5
  • Penya Droprate in Tower B6 increased (still lower then in Kintaro)
Event till 12th February 2023
  • Sorry event added (because of the small Rollback 10h)
  • Exp, Penya and Drop increased by 20%
  • Rhisis Jewel Box added to all Monsters in this Time! (Can contain A & 7% Cards!)

2023-02-13 14:16