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Patchnotes 17th February 2023

  • Wheel droprate in the collector field increased and other items lowered.
  • Couple Buffs changed a bit. Power of Love = atk and hp % now / Blessing of Love = EXP and Profession EXP now
  • Valentine Chocolate added to the Item Filter (You can pick up the Chocolate with the white list in the Item Wiki) (Rightclick on the item you want once (yellow))
  • Valentine Chocolate Droprate increased by x5
  • Mizu Yukata sets Hat added to the Box
  • Psy Bomb speed increased
  • Some Client Crashes removed
  • Event Shop added to Kintaro Cash and Vote Pang! (New items for Vote Points too!) Available till next Patch (1week~)
  • FITA Trader NPC removed
  • Stay Online in the Chocolate Drop Event for 60min and get 5x Valentine Chocolate!

2023-02-17 09:50