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Season Spring Patch 1st March 2023


  • Spring Island added (Farm Map)
  • Flaris reworked
  • Kintaro NPC´s spawned
  • Power Up Box drop event added till 1. April 2023 (3x daily for 2h!)
  • Order Stones drop now everywhere lvl 170+
  • Increased the Droprate for Cosmo Stones in Dungeons Yggdrasil, Daily and Four Lanes
  • Increased Droprate for Cosmo Stones for Season Monster (bosses)
  • Baruna Upgrade Items can now be made with Udi
  • You can extract now Chaos Gems with Udi
  • Potions of Binding added to General lui (You need them to create Order Stones)
  • New Fast Exchanger added to Udi
  • Ticket added for Spring Island to Season Spring NPC
  • New Profession Tools added (Increase the amount of Items you GET while using the exchanger)
  • New Profession Tool recipes added
  • Many Profession Exchanger reworked!
  • Many Recipes removed and added to the Exchanger
  • New Profession Sets added (Miner, Woodcutter, Alchemist and Farmer Sets)
  • Level Up Gifts for Professions added (Lvl 5 = 14 Day Profession Set) (lvl 10 = Scroll of Tool Awakening) ..
  • New Exchanger for Baruna Protection scrolls added
  • Profession Piercing Cards added to Material Drops! (Stone = Miner Cards, Wood = Woodcutter Cards...)
  • You can Combine the Profession Cards like the normal Cards!
  • Profession Cards Exchanger changed (Armorer)
  • Level Cap for Season Monsters added
  • DPS added to Worldboss
  • Rooting added to normal Four Lanes Monsters
  • Four Lanes Mid Bosses using now skills (same like the Mid Bosses in Yggdrasil Dungeon)
  • Four Lanes normal Monsters and Mid Bosses blockrate increased a bit
  • Kintaro Monsters skills removed
  • Broker system reworked
    • res scrolls, power ups, 2h weapon merge scroll added to Broker system
    • unlinked the price change of different protection scrolls
  • Heal Percent Awake added to Gaunts and Pets (Tiger, Lion..)
  • Pet Griffin is now a Profession EXP Pet
  • Pet Dragon Atk increased
  • Pet Unicorn Hp Increased
  • Dungeon times changed
  • Weapon Level effects updated
  • Text translations updated
  • World Dialog is complete in English now
  • Clientside Chat History added
  • Visited shops get marked now
  • Fast diamond inserter added to Peach
  • Search bar added to all exchangers
  • Pet and Crafting Inventory size increased
  • Endless Upgrade until reaching aim upgrade level

2023-02-28 12:32