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Patchnotes 13th of March 2023

  • /follow range increased
  • /follow success information added
  • Griffin Text fixed
  • random client crash during upgrading fixed
  • Posi bug calculation changed
  • Fast diamond insert fixed
  • Teleporter double click for teleport added
  • Guildbank size increased
  • axes, collector, profession sets moved to crafting tab
  • Actionslot bug fixed (please test)
  • activated buff rendering changed
  • shift + v added as shortcut for changing element (scroll is still required)
  • Vote Shop prices changed
  • New power up added to Vote Shop
  • Non ulti sticks changed to assist
  • quick trade for stackable items fixed
  • Secret Room Waiting times reduced
  • RM AoE works with stonehand now
  • system shouts on minimized clients removed

2023-03-13 08:49