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Wipe & New Start at 1st December 23

Dear King of Kintaro community,
We would like to thank you for your support, help, discussions to remove the bugs KoK had. And we want to thank you for being loyal to KoK.
Our start was a bit bumpy, some bugs crept in, some mistakes were made, but we did our best to give you a great gaming experience. We talked to many of you for a long time, discussed with the team and played through all the scenarios.
The result of these discussions and our poll was that most of you feel that the future of the server is only possible with a wipe. We agree, we also see that a wipe is the best way to go because it gives us a chance to win back some of the players we lost. It also gives us a chance to adjust some things that cannot be changed without a wipe. Some examples of this are set effects, drop rates, dungeon difficulty, etc.
As you have seen in our dev-news in discord, we are working on a lot of new features that we want to add to the game.
The timeline is that we want the new start with the winter season on December 1st, 2023.
We will restore the donation points automatically. The accounts will remain, only the characters will be deleted.
Until then, we will gradually introduce our changes into the game. You are welcome to test them. In the meantime, we will increase the EXP rates so that you can have fun in the game without too much effort and enjoy all the content. If you are really interested in testing all these systems, you can write us for a test server access with GM rights. Players who are active during the rebuilding phase and help us to make KoK perfect will receive a thank you gift after the rebuilding phase.

What do we want to change? This is not an exhaustive list, we would love to hear your suggestions and discuss them with you.

  • Early game balancing (i.e. Blade, Psy, Ele, BP)
  • Balancing of the equip costs
  • Mixed set effects
  • Dungeon Runtimes and counts
  • Smother gameplay
  • Random CS Pet at beginning
  • Dungeon Hardness
New Content:
  • New Piercing cards with magic dmg rate
  • New Shields added to smiths
  • New Models, Animated Hat, Masks etc. as part of the Season Rewards and achievements.
New Systems:
  • PvP Minigames
    • Uno
    • Tic-Tac-Toe
    • Connect Four
  • Farm Stats System that you can track you drops
  • New Boss mechanics, for better and more exciting boss fights.
    • Bosses will gain new abilities such as raining gifts in random circles, throwing bombs, or calling helpers to protect them until they die. Screenshots are in our dev-news in discord
  • Wardrop System for reusing Models
  • Guild Finder
  • New Guild Colors with 16.777.215 possible colors
  • Achievment system for getting a smoth gameplay, earn rewards, get permissions to start dungeons
  • Community Buff
  • Party Assist System

And much more!

2023-08-24 15:16