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Aus King of Kintaro

The professional system

The profession system of King of Kintaro offers many possibilities to develop in the late game. This includes 14 professions, which can be selected by the player one after the other.

These are divided into "Base Jobs", "Advanced Jobs" and "Expert Jobs".

Base Jobs Advanced Jobs Expert Jobs
Farmer Cook Armorer
Trader Entrepreneur Jeweler
Woodcutter Smith
Miner Worker
Pettrainer Alchemist

These professions are arranged according to a hierarchy and can only be learned as follows:

Job Hirachy.png

The professions highlighted in blue ("First Job") can be learned directly at the beginning. Once the player reaches level 20, the next hierarchy of the profession can be selected (Advanced Jobs). This goes up to the "Expert Jobs". For these professions, the Advanced Jobs level is required at [N.A].

Where can I learn the professions?

You can find the "Profession specialist" in Flaris, near the [General] Lui

Profession NPC
Flaris Town

Through the NPC's "Select a Job" window, the respective profession can be selected and learned. All "First Job" can be accepted at once. Newly unlocked professions can also be learned there after reaching the required level.

The profession NPC has an interface to learn the professions:

Profession Selection.png

If one/all professions are selected, you can see the status of the respective level in the H-menu:

Profession Character Info.png

How do I level the professions?

For each job you have the possibility to use the menu of the respective NPC, where you can "Crafting" or "Crafting recipes".

For "Crafting" resources are needed, which may be dependent on other professions. The same is true for "Crafting recipes" but you need the purchased "Recipe" before. The resources needed to create the item are listed there.

Each successful crafting gives the player a certain amount of EXP.

Another method is the grinding/farming of the resources (ATTENTION: This is only valid for the first job professions and the profession Alchemist).

1st Job - Farmer leveling

Job Farmer Text.png
Picture Farmer1.JPG
Level 0-20+
Tools Collector, CollectorPower, CollectorUltra, CollectorV3
Mobs-Objects Erons / Mine / Krasec / Guru Catcher

For the profession Farmer you need your Collector CollectorNormal.png , which he sells himself. With this collector you can suck the Catcher monsters empty. To do this, kill one of the following Catcher monsters

Catcher Mobs.png

and then select the Collector CollectorNormal.png from the farmer as the primary weapon and use the action "Collect Supplement" under the motion window "O".

Collect Supplement.png

Depending on the Catcher monster, the following resources are collected:

Mine Catcher Minerals Genmatsupminera.png
Erons Catcher Erons Genmatsuperons.png
Krasec Catcher Krasec Genmatsupkrasec.png
Guru Catcher Guru Genmatsupguru.png

1st Job - Woodcutter leveling

Job Woodcutter Text.png
Picture Holzfäller1.JPG
Level 0-20+
Tools Axe
Mobs-Objects Trees

For the profession Woodcutter you need the Axt AxeIcon.png, which he sells himself. With this axe you can now cut down the trees, which are found all over Madrigal. To do this, select the axe as the primary weapon and attack the tree to be cut (Wood).

Ressource Wood Tree 1.png Ressource Wood Tree 2.png

You get the following items depending on the type of the tree:

Wood 1Holz1.png
Hard Wood 2Holz1.png
Tree Root Gemuese1.png
Fan Apple Gemuese2.png

The number and EXP can change from tree to tree.

1st Job - Miner leveling

Job Miner Text.png
Picture Miner1.JPG
Level 0-20+
Tools Pickaxe
Mobs-Objects Stone, Iron, Copper

For the profession Miner you need his Pickaxe PickaxeIcon.png, which he sells himself. With this pickaxe you can now mine the stones, which are found all over Madrigal. To do this, you select the pickaxe as the primary weapon and attack the stone to be mined.

Copper Ressource Copper 1.png Ressource Copper 2.png
Stone Ressource Stone 1.png Ressource Stone 2.png
Iron Ressource Iron 1.png Ressource Iron 2.png

Lvl 10 Needed

You get the following items depending on the type of the stone:

Stone 1Stone1.png
Iron 1Stone1.png + 1Iron1.png
Copper 1Stone1.png + 1Kupfer1.png
Gold 1Stone1.png + 1Gold1.png

The number and EXP can change from stone to stone.

1st Job - Trader leveling

Job Trader Text.png
Picture Trader1.JPG
Level 0-20+
Tools None
Mobs-Objects ???

For the profession Trader you need resources from the other professions. The following crafting resources are needed:

End Product
Paper 1x Water 7x Wood 100 Penya
kChip many

Trade Options

1st Job - Pettrainer leveling

Job Pettrainer text.png
Picture Pettrainer1.JPG
Level 0-20+
Tools None
Mobs-Objects ???

For the profession Pettrainer you need resources from the other professions. The profession Pettrainer allows the player to create stronger and more effective beads from common level 1 beads (which he gets through normal grinding).

To do this, the player must buy recipes from this NPC for the particular bead he wants to make. At the same NPC you can then craft the recipe. Under "Pettrainer Crafting Recipe" you put the recipe in and you get all the resources you need to craft the new bead. IMPORTANT: There is a chance that the crafting will go wrong and the recipe will fail!

You can also get items for your pet from this NPC.

[Pet Revival B/A/S, Blessing/Change of Pet Tamer, Pet Energy, Scroll of Pet Recovery, Pick-Up Pet Upgrade, Bead Slot Key]

Pettaimer Shop.png