Upgrading 3rd Job Skills

Aus King of Kintaro

To improve the 3rd skills of his class, "Skill Book Pieces" are needed. These drop in dungeons from bosses.

To be able to produce a skill book, you need a certain profession level from the Trader. Another Option is via the Colloseum System. Please have a look at the Exchanger NPC near the Arena NPC in Flaris.

For 1x skill book of a class and its certain skill to increase you need:

- 3 Skillbook Pieces

- 20 Parchment

. 20 Gold Ingots

1x Skillbooks are needed to get 1 lvl up. (Text in the Screenshots is Incorrect, need to be Updared! Patchnotes 12th of December 2022)

Skill Book Templar Skill Example.png Hear of the Tower Skillbook.png Hear of the Tower Upgrade.png