Upgrading Green to Ultimate

Aus King of Kintaro

Each Green Weapon can be upgraded to Ultimate.


  • The Green Weapon needs to be +10
  • You need the right Jewel ( there are now different once as for each Weapon after lvl 120. You need a Diamond lvl 130 (for Weapons that are for lvl 130),140,150,160,170 and so on.
  • Shining Oricalkum
  • XProtect

Upgrade Specialist Flaris.png

The NPC Upgrade Specialist - BoBoChan in Flaris is the right choice for this operation:

  1. Use your/Activate your XProtect. It have to be activated in case the upgrading fails. If you have none activated and the upgrading fails, it destroys your weapon. For Each Failing you have to reuse the XProtect to be secured it wont get destroyed
  2. Use the Option : Create Ultimate Weapon
  3. Put the Ingrediens into the Window and click Start.

If you get lucky your will get a Success message and you upgraded your Green Weapon to an Ultimate Weapon. For now on you need XProtect and Shining Oricalkum to upgrade it to +10 to make it an Baruna Weapon