Upgrading Ultimate to Baruna

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To upgrade your Ultimate weapon to a Baruna weapon, a few items are needed. Also, there are requirements that currently only weapons from Lvl 150+ can be upgraded.

Upgrade Specialist Flaris.png

At the NPC BoBoChan in Flaris you can find the menu option "Baruna Weapon Upgrade".

  1. A window opens where the weapon (lvl 150+) is required. The weapon MUST be Ultimate AND +10.
  2. You need a diamond that has the same level as the weapon.
  3. Now you need a "Baruna Upgrade Stone". This can be crafted as a Armorer.
Caution! It is recommended to craft a Scroll: "Scroll of BProtect". It is like an XProtect but for upgrading from Ultimate to Baruna. If this is NOT active when converting, the weapon will be DESTROYED. This scroll can be crafted as a Jeweler profession